Saturday, February 4, 2012

pieces of thoughts

(something that i wrote, 4+ years ago..) 

There's always a sparkle
Beneath every drops of rain
If you believe..

There's always a reason
In every leaf that turns yellow
If you believe..

There's always a warm feeling
In every twiddle of your fingers
If you believe.

Cause there's always HIM

watching over you every moment
wipe your tears every time you cry
place to hold on every time you fall
accompanying you every time you hide
 walk with you every time you run
heal your wound every time you bleed
mend your heart each time it shattered
give you wings when you are about to fly

For in HIS hand is
your life and death,
your hopes and destiny,
your devotion and prayers..

Have faith in ALLAH, your creator.
Owner, of all the LOVES in the world.

-Nadiah, 15 December 2007-


"Yang telah menciptakan aku, maka Dia memberi petunjuk kepadaku.
Dan yang memberi makan dan minum kepadaku.
Dan apabila aku sakit, dialah yang telah menyembuhkan aku.
Dan Yang akan mematikan aku, kemudian akan menghidupkan aku (kembali).
Dan Yang sangat kuinginkan akan mengampuni kesalahan aku pada hari Kiamat."
[26 : 78-82 ]

p/s : terima kasih Allah, untuk semua cerita yang sudah tertulis di dalam hidup saya.
p/s : thank you sarah, for keeping this piece =)

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