Thursday, November 27, 2008

innamal a'maalu binniyaat =)


Ahaha.. why i create this blog?

Let me think..*fingers tapping chin*

Hmm.. it just that, i realise.. everyday, there are conversations.. but the person that i talk to the most, is myself!

So, I want to make this a place where i can talk freely, without being sued or fined.. or getting sore throat of talking too much..

Hope it can be a memoir.. to remind me of the past and to witness how i grew wiser as time goes by.. hopefully~

By the way, i am Nadiah Ahmad Sabri.. ^-^
a doctor will be..
a solehah wife and mother will be.. (insyaallah)
a forever lover of Allah..
and an aabirus sabiil.. in searching me.. in searching pearl that i have lost.. and seeking His blessing in everything i do... ameen.

*my dearest ex, we've been together since 2005.. huhu*