Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Although still in the period of holiday, I need to come back to college for SSM and some programmes in KL.

Alhamdulillah, had the chance to uplift the spirit of love towards Palestine, joining Global March to Jurusalem, at Stadium Melawati, last Friday evening.
I particularly love this song;

Sing children of the world,
come together and hear the call,
sing children of the world,
Palestine will unite us all.

From the river to sea, from the river to the sea,
Palestine will be free~

It is originally from this song; re-lyrics.

We will always be with you, Palestine!

From Malaysia,
with love.


For SSM (Special Study Module), my group was assigned to do reasearch regarding patient with psychiatric problem. Our group needs approximately 100 subjects, so we divided them to 4, meaning each one of us needs to find and distribute questionnaires to 25 subjects at psychiatry clinic.

So this week, is my first week doing the job.
Two of my group members already completed their part (mantap kan)
And I am just getting started.

One of the respondent yesterday was a middle-age Chinese looking uncle.

N : (introduce myself doing research) Would you mind answering few questions (hand him the set of Qs)

him : I don't bring my specs, therefore I can't read.

N : Nevermind, I'll ask. (no excuse, kena jwb jugak. haha)

him : OK.

N : So you're a Chinese?

him : No, I'm a Filipino.

N : Owh. Sorry, you look like a Chinese =)

him : Actually i'm a muslim. Just converted.

N : Owh (muka gladful) Alhamdulillah~ =) (proceed asking questionnaires)
i can't remember how we get there, but he suddenly mention about Syahadah.

him : OK, since you are a muslim, I ask you a question. Aku naik saksi tiada tuhan selain Allah, Nabi Muhammad pesuruh Allah. Who is the saksi here?

N : Saksi? (dalam hati; baru je tulis pasal syahadatul haq few weeks ago~)

him : Who is Nabi Muhammad?

N : Emm.. Allah's messenger?

him : True, but right now Nabi Muhammad is not with us anymore. So who is the Nabi Muhammad now?

N : Hmm..

him : Us. Kita lah. We are Nabi Muhammad.

N : Owh. (get his point there, but emm.. seems incorrect)
Yup. We carry the JOB of Nabi Muhammad (da'wah)

him : Right.

N : BUT, we are NOT Nabi Muhammad (trying to get the point right)

him : Correct.

N : (smile) OK, back to the questionnaire! (ask the remaining questions. need to catch up other patient too)
That's all, thank you very much!

I saw his waiting number being called, he entered the doctor's room, and then leave the clinic.
Actually, I do wish to have a little more chat on how much he actually knows and understand about Islam.
It is not everyday that I have a chance to meet a muallaf like him.

While waiting for other patient to come, I browse my facebook through my phone. (haha, sempaat)

Catch a glimpse of the Islamophobia theatre poster and snap, it crossed my mind, "Should have promoted the program to the uncle just now. Being a newly reverted, surely, he is in need to learn more about Islam"

Like magic, 10 seconds after that.. I saw him walking in front of me, crossing the clinic.
"Ok, that's it, Allah had given me a chance!"
Search back the picture of the poster and save it into my phone.
And then, run run children (lari lari anak.. haha) to the uncle.

N : Sorry to bother you again. Actually I want to invite you to come to a theatre. It is about Islamophobia. Since you just converted, maybe you will benefit a lot from it. You can bring along other non-muslim friends too.

him : When? What is it about again?

N : (explain and show the picture)

him : OK, I'll confirm it later.

N : OK, I'll send you the detail. (take phone number)
Thank you.

him : By the way, you look too young to be a doctor.

N : (garu2 tengkuk yg tak gatal. buat muka tak faham. dah selalu sangat dpt remark ni. huhu. tk tau dh nak buat muka matang macam mane lagi)

him : And don't be a psychiatrist. I think most of them have psychiatric problem.

N : -_-" Hmm.. don't worry, I don't want to be a psychiatrist =)

I sat down and wrote the details of the program and referring website in the SMS and hit the send button.
Exhale breath.
An effort, at least.
A small effort.
Though I don't know whether he will come or not, but I've done my part, InsyaAllah.

Ok, now find a new patient!

p/s : For the record, the last theatre being held, 2 of the non-muslim participants reverted to Islam. Masya Allah!

"Dan siapakah yang lebih baik perkataannya dari orang yang menyeru ke jalan Allah, lantas melakukan amal kebaikan dan ia berkata aku dari kalangan orang-orang Islam."
[Fusilat : 33]

"Barang siapa menyeru kepada hidayah, mereka memperoleh pahala orang yang mengikutinya, tidak mengurangi pahala orang itu sedikitpun"
[Hadith riwayat Muslim]

p/s : 3 hari klinik, baru 6 patient. Owh~ and i need 25!


  1. salam dr nadiah!
    bunga kt ats tue cantek..
    2 kaki kt sbelah tue chumil..
    never underestimate ur tiny effort..
    it might looks tiny to u..
    but it means a lot to others...
    all da best in whatever u r doing:)

  2. salam alayk cik anony..
    thank you so much :)