Monday, December 26, 2011

twins of faith

Alhamdulillah, my weekend was like a dream.
Like a sweet dream, precisely.

On thursday, after the short case, I met up with the whole family (except for Zaid whom is having a good time at the land of pyramid).
Having a good conversation with parents is simply, soothing.
Understanding and supportive.. they're my bestest bestfriend.
Having a time together like this will remind me, of how inspiring they are.
If they can do, every single part of it, nicely, why can't I, right.

Early Friday morning, everybody headed to their destinations, except for mama who stayed for one more day in KL. Went to KLCC and introduced her to my favourite pasta place. Rasa mcm comel jalan2 dengan mak =)

Saturday and Sunday, I spend the whole day at Twins of Faith.

It was an amazing experience.
Imagine audience of more than 4000, gathered in a place with one mission, to be a better muslims, InsyaAllah.
Different skin colours, different background, yet we are all bounded with the same aqidah.
I met a lot and a lot of nice people there. (rasa tak nak balik, nak duduk dlm suasana macam tu smpai bila-bila)
Teachers, schoolmate, seniors, juniors, program-mate..~

Twins of faith is actually fusion of ilmu + amal (nampak tak tulisan dlm simbol dia kat atas tu?)

Jadual full dari pagi sampai malam.

Building Block - Sh Alaa ElSayed

Ok, tulis bahasa Melayu pulakk. Haha.

Lecture ni menekankan tentang membina diri sendiri, keluarga dan masyarakat.
Bagaimana mahu membina?

1) Ayat pertama Allah turunkan dalam Qur'an - iqra'.. bacalah~ [Al-Alaq : 1]
Signifikan ia menekankan betapa pentingnya ilmu sebagai asas suatu binaan.
The first verse, the first order of Allah!
Read and increase your knowledge.
2) qum, fa anzir.. bangun dan berilah peringatan. [Al Muddathir : 2]
Rise, and shine.
Rise with courage, rise with knowledge, rise to be a better person..
shine those dark hearts with lights, with reminders of Allah, of Islam, of Love..
3) qumillaili illa qaliila.. bangunlah pada waktu malam, walaupun sebentar [Al-Muzzammil : 2]
Bekal perjalanan ini, perjalanan mencari ilmu, bangun, saling memperingati,
iaitu kekuatan hubungan dengan Allah.
4) walirabbika fasbir.. dan kerana Tuhanmu, bersabarlah! [Muddathir : 7]

Remember, who you are!
How great your ancestors were once upon a time ago..
(Ini Sejarah Kita? =))

Ask ourselves, what legacy will we left behind?
After we die, what will we be known for?

Be a nation maker, not a nation breaker.
Raise a nation builder.

Always be aware of what our children hear, what do they see, because that will shape them to be somebody.
Muslim childrens do not need fiction superheroes because in Islam history, we have a lot of real-life superheroes; prophet's s.a.w and his sahabat!
(boleh cerita sirah Nabi dan sahabat jd bedtime stories kat anak-anak nanti kan)

3 criterias to find a friend:
1) When you see them, you are reminded to Allah
2) The way they live their life is according to the conduct of Allah.
3) When they speak, your iman increases.

May all of us are able to be such friend to our friends, InsyaAllah.

Baru satu slot lecture.
To be continued.. ;)

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