Thursday, December 29, 2011

ToF quoted

"Eyes flooded with tears when they want to give, but have none to give"

"Recognize your ni'mah,
see the world with different eyes"

"Pray in the middle of the night,
to change the world during the day"

"We are not here to judge anybody,
but to remind each other, to share"


"Yesterday i was clever, therefore i want to change the world,
today i am wise, therefore i want to change myself"

"If you have the worst husband, that doesn't stop you from gaining jannah, like Asiah.
Even if you have the Prophet as your husband, that does not guarantee you to enter jannah, like the wives of Prophet Lut and Hud.
And if you don't have a husband, that does not mean you won't enter jannah, like Maryam.
Therefore strings attached, only to Allah, not human"

"My family is not a burden, they're my strength"

"Ilmu wa amal, towards perfection!"

"The best of you are those who learn and teach the Qur'an"

"Live in the conduct of Islam,
do everyhting we do with dignity and respect"

"Restore our great legacy of izzah"


Hanya saja jika ramai lagi yg dpt merasa,
indahnya duduk berkumpul begini.
Hanya saja ramai yg mahu membaiki,
bukan terusan melabel dan menghukumi.

I always hope to live in that bi'ah solehah forever.
To live comfortable, surrounded by warm and kind people.
But it will just only stay as a dream,
if I do not take any steps to change for better.

Back to school.
Back to reality.

Done with paediatric.
Next, orthopaedic.

Semoga rajin.
Betul-betul rajin.

Mahu dua-dua,
dunia dan akhirat.

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