Monday, December 28, 2009

wonderful weekend

My whole family came to KL for christmas holiday. Plus all cousins, aunts and uncle too, from Kelantan~

hannah, my youngest sist

On day 1, went back to kampung at Klang. I help my nenek masak2. haha.

Day 2, we visited Menara Kuala Lumpur. I've never been there before. We had tea at the dining place which rotate 360 degree every ____ minutes (fill in the blank, i dunno. haha).But that evening, the sky was quite grey and it's raining lightly. So, the view was a lil bit cloudy. Anyhow, it's still beautiful =)

sarah and me

in the lift.. hehe

Day 3, we went to Ostrich Farm (i actually don't know where's the exact location). Along the way there's a lot of mini waterfall by the road.
On the way to the top also, we stop by to enjoy the view of Empangan Semenyih which is spectacular!

sopan lah sngt duduknya di tepi jalan. haha

ostrich bulu mata lentik~

zaid riding the ostrich

Well, that's all for now. Such a wonderful weekend~. Be missing them A LOT, since i won't be back to Kota Bharu until Chinese New Year.

Lots of luvs, Nadiah ♥


  1. nadiah.. suke laa gmbr lift.. cantek2...

  2. ye!
    gmbr lift tu amik serius cantik~
    burung unta tu comel la
    blh makan, kan?

  3. mizah: hehe, comey2, sy ske gak. ayh sdare sy punye keje la tu.

    tiqah: ahaks, ostrich tu mmg bleh mkn. ade je jual daging dye kat situ. tp mcm was2 sket nk bli sbab owner n ramai pekerja kat situ non-muslim..