Monday, November 2, 2009

special wishes

1 november 2009

To my dearest papa, happy 49th birthday!

I will always remember his kiss on my head at the day i received my SPM result. Since then, I get addicted, I always love it when my parents kiss me on the head. It makes me feel like I own all the love in the world and everything will be ok, it'll be just fine. It's like an unspoken message from them that sound, "be a good girl, we love you"

And also this special unexpected sms from him, the morning of my reseat exam several months ago. Only Allah knows how terrible I felt during that moment. Emm.. As far as I know my father, his message is always a one word of "yes" or "ok". So, this was perhaps, the longest SMS he ever wrote.

Best of luck, our doa follows u to the hall. Put your heart and soul to Allah and you will find Him very near to you. Never give up.

Hmm.. at the moment i need one. I was very3 touched. Thanks for your endless prayers and support. And of course, i love you so much!

2 november 2009

Yesterday i drove to UIA gombak, alone and arrived safely. Hoye2~ (haha, pdhl bkan la sngt mmbnggakan pun kot, tp sy ttp brase gembira dgn diri sndiri =)). I do love driving. It makes me feel adult and matured and brave. Hua3. More trials and errors, give me more confidence to explore roads and highways around KL nowadays.

Special mission there, surprise birthday party to my dearest friend, Raja Siti Afiqah.

We have known each other since babies. Together grew up in same nursery, pre-school, primary school, 2ndary school..
I really wish happiness will shine your days.
If it's raining, then a kind umbrella will shades you.
And one day, you'll find a love which brings you eternal bliss that last till heaven.


That's all for now.
Currently, inhaling study week air.
Final exam starting 9th November.
And here I am, updating blog.
Ok2, need to go.

Dapatkan Mesej Bergambar di Sini

To all 2nd year medical student of UKM, good luck for final! Pray for each other, success for all. Insya Allah =)


  1. heeee. thanx taw! tharu awk mari! love you! soooo muchhhh! ♥

  2. all da best, aya.... sayang aya~
    aya.. kema dh tuakr blog tau.
    lawat eh.. kema dh tukar tau...

  3. rsara = love u too! =P

    kema = thanx kema, abes dh exam.. yeay!

    sowi lmbt reply~