Saturday, September 11, 2010


Another entry of Wani Ardy's in my blog..
No, not her biggest fan. But i like few of her songs.. =)

the unofficial song started at minute 3.26 in the vid

Ku tunggu
ku tunggu
kau muncul

Ku nanti
ku nanti
kau panggil

Ku lelah
satu persatu kalah

Ku cari
hingga letih dan pedih

Oh aku di sini
oh aku di sini
menjejaki mu
hujung ke hujung bumi

Oh aku di sini
oh aku di sini
merenung langit
membisik sendu hati

Kau tunggu
kau tunggu
aku hemisfera mu
separuh jiwa jasad mu

yang belum pun terjadi
kan tiba kaulah galaksi.

Hmmm, i'm thinking that waiting sensation is brought by c-fibre from nociceptors.
it's painful.
Yet, not acute. It's slow, deep and long lasting.
Meaning again;
all i want to say is,
waiting is simply, chronically painful.

On the other hand, faith is something you believe with all your heart eventhough you can't see or feel it.
Therefore, I may say, have faith?

Have faith,
because to be patient is beautiful.
Have faith,
"Tuhanmu tidak pernah meninggalkanmu dan tidak pula membencimu.
Dan sungguh, yang akhir itu lebih baik dari permulaan"
Ad-Duha : ayat 3-4

Maka, berhenti tangisi yang belum pun terjadi.


p/s : I love surah Ad-Duha so much for the meaning.. and the story behind it. Of how touching Allah 'pujuk' His beloved messenger Rasulullah s.a.w when he is waiting for wahyu from Allah.

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